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About Me

  • Christian

  • Married with two Boys

  • Borned in China and Lives in Germany

  • Bachelor in Polymer Science and Master in Industrial Engineering

Professional Exp

  • Operating Project management

  • Technology Controlling

  • Innovation Management

  • Agile Project Management

  • Training & Coaching

How to say my name

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Some people find it difficult to pronounce my name correctly, here some tips:

  • "Cen" is my family name in mandarin

  • "Sam" is my family name in cantonese ("sum" in pronunciation)

  • "Sam" is short for "Samuel", the prophet who anointed Saul and later David as King of Israel, my most admired prophet in the Bible.

  • Feel free to call me "Yiheng" (given name) or "Sam" (my self-chosen christian name).

Some reference projects

Moderne Küche
Blue Ocean

Adapt the Blue Ocean Strategy® to create new solution for a niche kitchen component

Ein Auto polieren

Apply Scrum in a hard-core technical project in improve communication & collaboration

Kreative Arbeit
Design Thinking

Apply the principles of Design Thinking to work on the topic "Remote Work"