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Agile Bakery

Scrum gebacken bekommen

A Workshop to grow in Team Spirit and Craftmanship

In times of digitalization, agility is on everyone's lips and has become an integral part of modern corporate cultures.


Get to know modern tools such as Scrum in a playful way during an agile baking workshop. Develop user-specific products in a team and create your first homemade bread along the way.


An introduction to agile project management with Scrum


Collaborate in team to bake and have fun


Visit a modern bakery in Upper Franconia Germany


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Bread time



Agile Project Management with Scrum

Scrum is the most widely used agile framework. It helps people, teams and organizations to generate value through adaptive solutions to complex problems.


Various processes, techniques and methods can be used within the framework. 


Rather than giving people detailed instructions, Scrum's rules guide their relationships and interactions.

SCRUM Agile development methodology programming and application design technology concept

The Bakery

Get to know Fickenscher's bakery, whose holistic approach to digitalization was awarded the Chamber of Crafts' (Handwerkskammer) Future Prize and the "Zacharias", the Oscar in the industry.

Since 1625, round about 100 passionate artisans have been working hand in hand to spoil customers every day with handmade pastry specialties in 9 specialty stores and two online stores.


“Die Agilität von Scrum und traditionelle Backverfahren - eine Kombination, die nur auf den ersten Blick vielleicht widersprüchlich erscheint, aber bei "Scrum gebacken bekommen" hervorragend kombiniert wird.”​


—  Neetje, Personalreferentin

The Team

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Yiheng Cen

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Innovation Coach, Scrum Master


Andreas Fickenscher

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Master Baker, Bread & Wine Sommelier

The Workshop

Place: Fickenschers Backhaus GmbH | August-Horch-Straße 17, 95213 Münchberg ​

Duration: 6 Hours (adaptable)

Fee: From 2.000€ for 8 participants

Number of participants: 8 - 12

Appointment: Thursdays from 1 - 7pm

We will prepare an individual offer after the first free-of-charge call

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