Entering Agile

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source: modernagile.org


Agile is more than just a set of methods, techniques for project management, the Mindset and Principles behind helps organisations to change their way to collaborate and communicate.

These small daily applications bring CHANGES in your the corporate culture in the long-run


Innovation Management will also benefit from them.

My Offer

Scrum Introduction

Basic understanding of Scrum Framework with roles, ceremonies, artefacts

Interim Management

I will take over the role as Scrum Master until your team feels save enough to run on their own

Learning Journey

Join the cross-company learning journey, walk and grow together 

What makes my offer SPECIAL

Do Not Expect

  • Experience from Software Development

  • Substitution of classical Scrum Trainings available on the Market

Do Expect

  • Experience from Hardware Development, Cultural Transformation and more

  • Hands-on and down-to-earth communication