Innovation Management

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Your (unknown-)competitors
Your Innovations


In the Business-context, Innovation Management is comparable with the game "Plant vs Zombie", it is about how to develop a strategy to defend from being defeated by competitors (sometimes not directly from your own domain).

In general, Innovation Management is CHANGE Management: If you don't manage CHANGE proactively, you will be managed by CHANGE.

My Offer

Creativity Training

Learn hands-on creativity techniques to facilitate ideation workshops

LEGO®serious play

Apply LEGO® for team building events, retrospective meetings or vision & mission workshop


Test your business idea? an innovation event? let us talk and figure out a tailor-made solution

What makes my offer SPECIAL

Do Not Expect

  • I can cover every single aspect of Innovation Management

  • I can do your homework for you

Do Expect

  • Enough methods, know-how and experience from the practice

  • A Servant Leader with all his Mind & Heart