The Concept of Starting Up Loud

The Inspiration

The term of "Starting Up Loud" was inspired by John Stepper and his working method "Working Out Loud": A learning journey of 12 weeks in a group of 4 to 5 people from different backgrounds with individual goals to achieve. This group will meet regularly, online or offline, going through the "Circle Guide" together. It help participants to share and care for and learn from each other.

My pains and experience

When I was engaged in my project "Hairpy Life", I found it hard for different reasons:

1. I did not know the hair-dressing industry; most of the stuff I gained were from internet research. Thanks to Alex I was able to connect to Danny who also showed interest in working on the topic further.

2. I did not have a wide network to share my questions, ask for tips or gain feedback. Thanks to my virtual WOL-team I gained some feedback during that time.

3. I found it hard to reach out for enough people to do a survey. Thanks to my community in LinkedIn and different LinkedIn-groups, I finally got 110 participants to my survey.

My Initiative

The concept should work as the WOL: a group of 4-5 people working individually to achieve their goals of starting a business (or in the preparation to do so). This group will meet regularly to share and grow together. How many weeks this group will work together, is not predefined, a minimum of 12 weeks is suggested.

How can a kind of circle guide be established to help this small group to grow? This question waits to be elaborated.