saubere Küche

A certain polymer-based niche kitchen component has been struggling for years to exist in the market. Competitors are bringing substitutions on the market with a better design.


Continue to stay in this Red Ocean is not profitable anymore. To retreat completely from this market niche or to struggle further, is there an alternative way?

Ein Auto polieren

In a typical R&D project with the purpose to develop a H2 pressure vessel 15 colleagues spreading across 4 different locations are working collaboratively in order to put the production process of the tank prototype to reach the standard of serious production.

The team had to work on different key aspects: The making and finishing of the prototypes, the experiments to test the tank quality, the analysis and evaluation of experiment data, the contact with potential OEMs and the reporting to the internal customers.


The pressure is high for the complexity of the project itself but also the expectation of the executive board. 

Kreative Arbeit

People are getting used to the "New Normal" after a few months of "working from home (WFH)". Yet there are still tons of questions to be answered.

A team of around 30 people collected from different countries, backgrounds and hierarchical levels were called to elaborate on three chosen topics: "Remote Work", "Virtual Leadership" and "Digital Communication".

The purpose of the whole initiative was to set up some framework and game rules as orientation for a further widespread of the topic in a whole group of 20.000 employees.